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Rogue-Like Review of Streets Of Rogue

Rogue-Like Review of Streets Of Rogue

Ahhhhhh, Streets of Rogue, how I love you so!  A charming Rogue-Like that will keep you on the edge of your seat in all its randomly generated glory.

Streets of Rogue (being developed by Matt Dabrowski and published by tinyBuild)  is a randomly generated Grand Theft Auto-esque game with the freedom to be what you want.   Wanna play as Harambe (Gorilla)? How about a soldier? Scientist? Bartender?

Why not make your own custom character? as you play further you can pay chicken nuggets in exchange for traits and items to add to the trait/item pools.

Chicken nuggets are earned by completing floors, leveling up, or completing missions.

It is an amazing game that takes a great concept and puts it into a rogue-lite format.


With a 95% positive overall on steam, its well worth the score.


I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes time wasters or just appreciate good games as a whole.


Streets of Rogue Gameplay